Agtech: A win-win for family offices & the environment

Mohamad Yaghi, Agriculture & Climate Policy Lead at the RBC Climate Action Institute, discusses agtech’s important role in generating investment opportunities for family offices—and reducing environmental impact, including:

  • Agriculture’s major contribution to Canada’s economy (7% of GDP)
  • The advent of agtech with the steam tractor and self-propelled combine
  • Ways that agtech is assisting farmers to enhance the environment
  • Some recent examples of Canadian agtech success stories
  • Agtech’s significant growth potential in the face of severe funding shortfalls
  • The importance of investing in agtech and rural development (think enhanced broadband)
  • Agtech investment areas that look particularly promising for family offices

“Family offices can best deploy capital to agtech by finding a niche and understanding the opportunities there.”

—Mohamad Yaghi, RBC Climate Action Institute


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Sources, Agtech: An investment that benefits family offices and the environment, September 11, 2023