Canada securities lending panel

2023 CASLA Conference edition

Ahead of the 2023 Canadian Securities Lending Association (CASLA) Conference held in Toronto on May 25, Securities Finance Times organized a virtual panel of Canadian securities lending specialists, including Kyle Kolasingh, Head of Market Services Solutions. The panel members provided their perspectives on a range of industry topics and here are some of the highlights:

  • There has been positive momentum in the securities lending market in Canada over the past 12 months
  • Increasing interest rates, combined with quantitative tightening, have resulted in a noticeable uptick in utilization of government securities
  • The move to T+1 and implementation of a “fails regime” on Bank of Canada government securities will drive the regulatory agenda for the next year and beyond
  • CASLA’s participation in the Global Alliance of Securities Lending Associations has enabled members to play an important role in the global dialogue, particularly around ESG


"While there is a challenge with T+1, the benefits to be realized as part of a more automated and efficient value chain will undoubtedly be worth the effort."

Kyle Kolasingh
Head of Market Services Solutions

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